Do you know where are your clients? Do you know their address and what they said about you? Did you know that a robot can map your customers and tell you their main tastes?

Data Mining

We collect information from any web site for you. Just choose the site, the data to be captured and how you want to receive it.

Your Robot

Have you thought about how interesting it would be to have robots that work for you on things you would do manually on the internet?


Online Promotions

Are you tired of doing promotions through facebook and having the obligation to manually count users' activity?
Did you know that a robot can do this automatically?

Web Site

Have your own space on the internet, guide thousands of people to your content and accompany your visitors in real time using the best tools on the market.

Where are my client?

With data mining and a well-trained robot we can determine the city, state, neighborhood, or the entire location of your client.


See some talks about HiBOTS

“We've already tried to do what everyone else does, to be what we all are. It is not enough! Our mission is to show that we have to offer something excasso in Brazil and that few would have the audacity to do. Do you know why? I do not mind working 20 hours a day if I can change a client's life. This was how HIBOTS was born, the first Data Mining company of Piauí.”

"I, Sousa Mark, come here to say publicly how much HiBOTS is a serious and capable company to create incredible projects and has as its director, Alexandre Matos, an extremely serious person, responsible and with great capacity of developing ideas for growth of products, ideas and companies. "

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